Our Services

Quality Assurance is the key factor of a Product Success.

A well Tested Product can only survive in market, thus assuring product quality is an integral part of development. Delay is better than Disaster.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is the most cost effective and time saving technique to compare actual outcome with expected outcome. We use different tools and test scripts for Automation Testing.

Functional Testing

The features and functionality of the system is tested through Functional Testing. We compare the actual functionality with expected functionality that is desired or expected by our client.

Performance Testing

Speed, Responsiveness & Stability of a created system is tested during Performance Testing. This is crucial test to ensure critical defect free system.

Manual Testing

Manual testing can be done with friends, family and your development team, every end user is a manual tester. This is used to ensure correct behavior of system to make it user friendly.

Localization Testing

For Localized version of the system. In this process, we check the impact of localization (local language,local culture, local currency and local settings etc.) mainly on UI and content of the system.

Security Testing

To protect data and maintain functionality, security testing is done. Security Testing reveals the flaws or defects of security mechanism of the system.